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fic:making friends/spn,btvs/gen

Title: Making Friends
Series: Miles to Go
Rating: FR13
Word Count: 1010
Fandom: Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prompt: #366 sarcasm @ tamingthemuse
Disclaimer: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Muted light spilled in through windows along the far wall and brought the motes of dust scattered through the air to life. They were stirred by the fans spinning overhead as they did their best to fight of the heat of a summer sun. A beer bottle sat empty and forgotten beside Bobby Singer as he studied the owner of Harvelle’s. Ellen was doing her damnedest to make a case for the only other hunter, hell the only other person, at the bar. He sat several seats down from Bobby which was the main reason Ellen’s whiskey rough voice was pitched low as she’d leaned in to him.

“He’s a good kid—”

“Emphasis on kid,” Bobby interrupted to snark.

“And a damn fine hunter,” Ellen finished as if he hadn’t even spoken. The narrowed look he was getting made him ease back from the bar a bit as she finished, “He’s young. I’ll give you that, but he’s smart and determined. Reminds me a bit of the Winchesters,” she sighed, “Before the world chewed’em up and spat’em back out.”

Blue eyes studied the kid from beneath a pulled down trucker’s hat, brows furrowing as he watched him down a shot of clear liquid before taking a long pull from his beer. He didn’t grimace at the aftertaste and Bobby knew Bean had a hell of a kick for first time drinkers and his mouth turned down at the corners as he admonished, “He old enough to be drinkin’?”

“You, judging me in my own damn bar?”

Bobby stiffened and returned Ellen’s glare with one of his own as he snapped, “I ain’t got time to babysit.”

“I ain’t askin’ you to.” Ellen countered.

“Then what in the Sam Hill’er—”

“I can hear you. Just fine actually.”

The casual statement was spoken over Bobby’s annoyed words and both hunters turned to take on the younger man as he rose from his place at the far end of the bar. He strolled forward and Bobby frowned at the Clash t-shirt that clung to his chest. A chest that was broad at the shoulders, but narrow through the rest of him which meant he hadn’t bulked himself out like some of the other younger hunters. Hunters that tended to have more muscle than skill and mouths bigger than their brains and, as far as Bobby was concerned, this kid was one of them until proven otherwise.

“Oliver,” Ellen’s greeting was several degrees warmer than the glare Bobby was giving him. She turned, shooting Bobby a reproachful look that would of done his momma proud before stated simply, “Bobby Singer meet Oliver Pike.”

He didn’t bother to muster a smile for the kid, but he did accept his offered hand. Bobby rose with the handshake since he had manners, regardless of what Ellen may think. The kid didn’t bother to press down harder than necessary which earned a small nodded of approval from Bobby and his hand was cool, most likely due to the beer, and callused. Oliver’s mouth remained in a neutral, I don’t give a shit, line that had him inching closer to being in Bobby’s decent, if not entirely good, graces.

He nodded, mouth quirking slightly then, and dropped his hand, easing back a step as he addressed Ellen, “There a reason you’re chattin’ me up to a stranger?”

“Chattin’ you up?” Bobby muttered to himself and shook his head.

Ellen spared him an annoyed look. “He’s in over his head.”

“Now wait just a goddamn minute—”

“You are,” Ellen snapped in her best ‘don’t test me’ voice and Bobby’s mouth snapped shut as she continued, “His usual backup is neck deep in trouble,” she snorted, “as usual and can’t break away. I was suggesting you might be able to lend him a hand.”

“Is that right?” He directed the question to Bobby with a raised brow.

“It is,” Bobby nodded, shoulders dropping, but he wasn’t yet ready to concede defeat as he countered, “Not entirely certain on the backup requirement.” The kid’s head inclined and Bobby sighed, “Though I suppose I wouldn’t turn help away if it was offered.”

The second brow rose to meet the other and a twitch curved in the corner of his mouth. “I haven’t offered.” Ellen made a disgruntled sound that had the kid smiling outright and Bobby knocked another three years off the age he’d estimated him before Oliver continued, “Now hold on, Ellen. I didn’t say I wouldn’t offer either.” He looked back to Bobby, “Why don’t we sit, share a beer and you tell me what it is you’re tryin’ to do.”

“Burn some bones,” was spat in his general direction as Bobby shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

A chuckle escaped Oliver and he shook his head. “How ‘bout the less abridged version?”

His mouth thinned and Bobby took a moment to actually study a face that he’d call pretty before he’d call it handsome. Which reminded him a bit of Dean—not that he’d ever tell the Dean that—and tried to look past his initial misgivings since Ellen rarely sang a hunter’s praises. The stubble he’d let grow helped age him a bit, but it was his gaze, direct and achingly tired, that dropped Bobby’s chin into a nod.

“Alright,” he motioned him to take a chair as he did so himself before adding, “And you’re buying.”

“Fair enough.”

Ellen scoffed, “You’re both idjits.”

Bobby eased into the chair and a Miller appeared before him. He nodded his thanks and watched as Ellen went to work wiping down the bar that had already been wiped clean as she pretended to give them some space. It lasted all of ten minutes before she’d made her way back over and into their conversation and by the time that conversation was done Bobby was six beers deep and in agreement to head out on a hunt with Oliver the next morning.

Whether or not he was an idjit for the decision would remain to be seen.

The end.
Bobby! Ellen! Pike! I'm loving this verse so much, Ava, and can't wait to see where you go with it next! (Of course, now I want to know whose bones Bobby is trying to burn)
Those three could get into a lot of trouble. :D I think I'm slowly getting the hang of Pike so I can tackle a much larger story focusing on him. Yay!
Yay! More to this verse! And double hooray for Bobby!

Love that Ellen is the one getting Bobby some back up and that it just happens to be Pike. I would say she knows hunters after all those years of being married to one and seeing them pass through her bar.

Love Bobby's passing thought that Dean is more pretty than handsome, cause we all know it's true. ;)

And I love the word idjit.
Bobby makes everything better. He's like peanut butter.

Ellen is a smart woman and, apparently, Pike has proven himself to her in some way. Not sure how yet, but I'm certain it'll come to me eventually.

Bobby isn't blind. ;) Me too! I almost called this short idjit!
Pike was in an episode!? How did I miss that!

I have plans to give Pike is own multi-chapter story once I have a good handle on his character and his evolution through the years he's been out of Buffy's life.

Thank you for reading!
I think that was in 'Sins of the Father' the book that focused on Pike that takes place during Buffy's Sunnydale High years. I don't think he was ever in an actually episode of the show, but he was featured in the 'Origins' comic.