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fic:the domestic trap/btvs/het

Title: The Domestic Trap
Series: Miles to Go
Rating: FR13
Word Count: 1020
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prompt: #367 possession @ tamingthemuse
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Note: This story is part of the ‘Fear and Hunting in Las Vegas’ shorts.

The bathroom was still steamy from Summers’ most recent shower and the mirror behind Pike was more foggy than reflective, but he’d found a comfortable position against the wall in which to lean as Summers regaled him of her cigar girl exploits. Exploits that had secured her enough tips to move them from the motel they’d been crashing in to something larger and more upscale. There weren’t watermarks on these ceilings and clean towels had already been present in the bathroom—the room Summers had squealed over then promptly claimed as her own.

Her toiletries, who needed that much makeup when they ran away from home, were already spread across the counter and Pike couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what the slim rod was that plugged into the wall. Well, actually he could guess, but it’d probably end up with Summers fuming and him hurting. He liked his manly parts where they were. Thanks. Pike had made the mistake of treating Summers like Benny when they’d first met and that rib still hurt when it rained.

Summers had settled herself on the edge of the bathtub, one foot planted securely on the tile floor and the other was balanced on the edge with her as she drew a razor from ankle to calf. She was explaining something about a customer getting a little too grabby as she continued to run the razor up the back of her leg and as she smiled up at him he was suddenly struck by how domestic their current situation seemed.

She was wrapped up in the hotel supplied robe and her cheeks were still flushed from the recent shower. Her face was makeup free and all that blonde hair was piled on top of her head with one of those claw-like things holding it in place. She looked content and Pike should have been feeling uncomfortable with entire scenario, but instead he was feeling possessive of Summers in a way that would lead to more of his ribs being cracked. They didn’t have that type of relationship—though not from his lack of trying—but the basic hope of casual sex and the something stirring in his gut were two different beasts entirely.


When the hell had he fallen for a smart-mouthed Valley Girl with control issues and sticky fingers?

“One of them offered me a hundred dollars if I let him suck on my toes?”

The casual statement drew Pike from his internal epiphany and he blinked stupidly at Summers a moment before requesting, “Come again?”

She wiggled her toes, showing off the neon pink polish and focused on getting the back of her ankles hair free as she reiterated, “He offered me a hundred to let him suck on my toes. Which I just don’t get.”

A frown tugged his brows down as Pike replied, voice tight with jealousy, “It’s a kink, Summers.”

“Kink?” She questioned and looked up at him, her own brows tugging together as she parroted, “Kink.”

The confusion reminded Pike that Summers was a sophomore and only fifteen and he was likely going to hell. He was a nineteen year old degenerated that had failed his senior year the first time ‘round and, since he as on this little excursion with Summers, most likely the second time as well.

He cleared his throat before clarifying, “Kink as in kinky. A fetish. He like likes feet.”

Her nose wrinkled, eyes going wide and Pike just managed to refrain from telling her how damn adorable she looked disgusted—Christ, he had it bad—before she shuddered. “Gross.”

A smirked tugged in the corner of his mouth as Pike couldn’t help but add, “Charge more than a hundred next time.”

“I didn’t let him do it!” She snapped as she brought she bent her knee and started making smaller scrapes with the razor across it.

“If you say so.”

“You’re a pig.”

“I’m your pig,” he countered with a wink.

She snorted, “Idiot,” and then shook her head before focusing on a completely different topic. “So how am I to figure out who’s the succubus when all the strippers use all the men? There’s no rhyme or reason and in some of the girls no rhythm,” her nose wrinkled again, “at all.”

The leg she was shaving was straightened, foot falling to rest inside the tub as she leaned forward and rinsed off her calf. Pike watched her repeat the rinse and then lather of her thigh as he considered the question and the best way to answer her and he wasn’t at all distracted by her damp skin. The fact that it wasn’t until she caught him staring and raised her brows that he finally spoke was a coincidence.

“We know the murders started a little over six months ago, right?” Summers nodded and started shaving her thigh before she lifted her free hand to make a carry on motion as she focused on the task and Pike continued, “Why don’t we focus on the newer dancers—”

“Not just the dancers,” Buffy interrupted as she stood, straightening her leg as she tackled the back of her thigh, “The other cigar girls could easily be the succubus and there’s the hostess slash coat-girl.”

“Thanks for narrowing that down.”

“You want to be quick about it?” Buffy countered, “Or right about it?”

He sighed and frowned when she lifted her leg from the back to prop her foot and its pink toes on the closed toilet lid. She snagged one of the several bottles of lotion lining the tank and proceeded to rub a liberal amount into the skin of her newly shaved leg. Her thievery of them from a cleaning cart they’d passed earlier made sudden sense as she used an entire little bottle of lotion on just one damn leg.


He frowned trying to remember the question before rolling his eyes, “Right. I wanna be right.”

“Then we do this the hard way.”

“There is no easy way when you’re concerned.”

“Pretty much.”

Pike sighed and Buffy set about shaving her other leg.

Christ they really were a couple.

The end.
Bwahahahahaha! Poor Pike, he's got it soooo bad, and I love it. And Buffy's cluelessness about toe sucking. I nearly died! And he really had no idea of why we need all those toiletries. *snickers* the whole bottle. :)

And don't think I didn't catch the whole do it right or do it fast. ;) I know how you struggled with this prompt, but I think it worked beautifully!
The previous drabbles and such established that Pike loved Buffy, but fails to ever tell her of his actually feelings so I wanted to play off those when writing this. :) Fetishes were still obscure an new to me and I can't see Joyce letting Buffy watch television shows that would expose her to those types of things so I got to play off her innocence.

Who me? Hidden meanings and layers? What? Ridiculous. ;) Holy mother of God I wanted to throw my lappy at the wall more than once with this prompt. I'm glad it's over and now to worry about the new on.

Still haven't read most of that series for lack of Supernatural knowledge, but I'm enjoying these pieces with Pike. Not many people use the characters from the Buffy movie, and I like your take on him.
The series does take heavily from Supernatural cannon at times so I can understand not delving too deep if you're not familiar with it. Pike is just fun. I enjoy writing him and I hope that it shows.
Since I'm working backwards as I catch up, I was craving some Buffy/Pike interaction after Pike at Buffy's grave... and here it is and it's awesome.

I like that he's as clueless about women's beauty products as she is about kinks. She wasn't that much younger than I was and at that feels true to what I remember knowing then. (Now if she'd been a 15 yr old today....)

I hope you're inspired to show more glimpses of Buffy and Pike's interactions. ;p
Sometimes it's best to read things outta order. ;)

They're both very young in this series and that's fodder for humor. I don't know about the 15 today. My niece is 15 and wouldn't have a clue about that stuff. Perhaps it depends on the crowd you run with?

I hope to get to the part of the series that happens in 'present day' so that Pike can know his lady is alive, but not entirely well. :)