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focus, I might have some

I'm forcing myself to get back into reading (something other than fanfiction). I read the first book in the Vampire Academy and it's fluffy fun. Nothing deep, but there are some interesting concepts and the lead character is rather amusing so she holds my interest more than anything. Hopefully the second book does the same.

I also picked up some books on cognitive thinking in animals and studies on animal behavior (emphasis on carnivores) to get myself into the mindset proper mindset. I want to write more original since after this month I'm certain I'll be pretty burnt out on reading and, possibly, writing fanfiction. Thankfully tamingthemuseallows original. :)

And now onto me asking you all a favor:
  • Does anyone have any good suggestions on books on animal behavior? My area of interest is wolves, dolphins and reptiles, but if it's well written and thoroughly researched I'm open for anything.
  • Does anyone have any book series suggestions? Keep in mind that I'm getting these from my local library so if it's obscure it might be difficult for me to locate. I'm trying to expand my areas of interest so feel free to throw mystery, romance, historical fiction (not historical romance - those tend to bug me) and autobiographies at me.
  • Lastly: If I created a journal specifically for my original writing would you be interested in it? I want to have a place I can brainstorm and reference my thought processes and that way poor polgara_5 gets a break from my insanity, but also keep it seperate from the fandom stuff. Keeping things seperate is helping me a great deal actually.

I'm finally following my father's advice and I'm no longer putting off what I want to do most. That is a good thing, even if I currently find it overwhelming. ;)
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Of course I'd read a journal that housed your original stuff! Although, I thought you had one at some point, or am I misremembering, I do that sometimes.

And I know not of this insanity you speak of, except for my own. ;)
I did at one time but I took it down since it only had one post and that post lacked any comments. ;)

Insanity? What insanity?