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Title: Sky
Word Count: 500
Fandom: original
Prompt: #370 storm @ tamingthemuse
Warning: none
Rating: FR7
Disclaimer: Original; no disclaimer required.

The sky above you darkens.

The sun and its life giving warmth has slipped away early this day. The loss of it chills and the wind, a sudden gust, stirs you and the others like you to life. You lift with the force of it gale and whisper against your brothers and sisters. It shakes the one you call home and it bends so that you nearly touch the ground.

A ground you’ve seen so many like you fall to waste upon.

More darkness gathers above you until the sky thickens with clouds and the wind howls. It reminds you of the beasts that travel in these woods. Beasts that mark you home as if it was theirs, as if they could claim ownership on one such as she, but you’ve known your home the entirety of you short life.

She is her own and she will outlive you all.

Light scatters across the sky. The clouds are filled with skipping flashes that illuminate a part of the world you’ve never seen. The wind turns you upward, tugging as that light brings life to the darkness. You and the sky now share a similar color and it makes you wonder if it could be your home now.

Your home is angered by your thoughts and shakes as a rumble, that is louder than the wind, engulfs the world. You tremble from the outburst as another flash of light leaps from ground to cloud. The air around you has thickened until it feels tight and unwelcoming as another brilliant flash of light brings with it rain. You’ve always welcomed rain before; it feeds your home and brings with it the scent of new growth.

This rain is different.

It beats at your home and you shiver under the onslaught. The rain slips between the others to strike at the ground and you watch those that fell before you darken. The water spreads to eat away what is left of them and a part of you fears this, but another part of you yearns to meet the sky that so resembles you now.

The connection to your home weakens as you twist with each gust. You brush against the others and can feel their trepidation and elation as they too whisper with the wind. You’re unsure of the meaning of the whisper, but you join in nonetheless. Your home bows once more and you see the others that have come before you.

What remains of them after the fall, after the beasts, after the rain.

You look upon their remnants and know that this will happen to you one day. You do not welcome your end, but the wind pulls at you in such a way that you know your home is no longer your own. You have a new one and it welcomes.

The wind tugs you from your perch and now you dance.

You are a leaf on the wind.

You rise to meet the sky and you are home.

The end.
I wrote a litte over 900 words and then just didn't think those words worked for the prompt and started this one and finished it in an hour. :)

Glad you liked it!
That's a lovely compliment. For some reason while I wrote the short the images were animated in my head as if I was watching a Disney film. *shrugs* It was the darnedest thing. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough for a reread!