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so far, so good(ish)

This past month was not the best on the writing front, but I didn't miss a week as I feared I might during the twistedshorts challenge. Congratulations to those that participated and won!

January - 4800
February - 7900
March – 17035
April – 10595
May - 9705
June - 7850
July - 8260
August - 6070

This month I'm hoping to focus more on original stuff. Sorry to those that are waiting on updates to the fanfiction series! The excitement of building my own sandbox is becoming harder to resist. :) That being said I am still working on my wishlist_fic
Thank you! I'm trying for both quality and quantity, but free time tends to be eaten up rather quickly. :/

My stories are owed from 2011 so don't feel too bad. ;)