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fic:let her go/ats,spn/gen

Title: let her go
Word Count: 910
Rating: FR13
Prompt: #375 blessed @ tamingthemuse
Warning: none
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon and ME. Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. No infringement intended.

Archaic lines made of chalk entrapped Illyria—how far she had fallen.

The markings weakened her, left her with only the strength of her shell and Winifred Burkle had not been a physically strong woman. This weakening had allowed the denim and flannel clad children to overpower her and bind her to a chair. Now they stood over Illyria chanting nonsense in a dialect that grated and water was splashed upon her injured person from time to time.

The words, more than the water, irritated her, but little else and this, above all other things, seemed to agitated them. She took petty pleasure from that and narrowed Winifred’s brown eyes at them, having learned to wear a human visage in this new world, and inclined her head before stating, “Perhaps your pronunciation is incorrect.”

A fist collided soundly with her cheek; the fragile skin of the inside of her mouth bruised against her teeth and spilled the copper taste of her shell’s blood. While the vessel had been hollowed before she’d taken hold Illyria found some bits of its rudimentary circulatory system remained. It allowed her to ingest food and, in moments like these, it allowed her to bleed. This made her dislike the weakness of the human species all the more.

More water was splashed and it thinned her blood, creating rust colored trails down her chin and neck as she continued to gaze up her captors in disdain. The one that had struck her narrowed green eyes and stepped forward, careful of the chalk markings on the floor. His voice was dipped low with anger and he bit out each word, flashing his teeth in challenged. “What. Are. You?”

Illyria bared her own teeth, felt the abrasion within her mouth leak more blood to coat her smile as she replied, “Bored.”

“Bitch,” was spat in her general direction.

Her brows dipped as Illyria attempted to recall the meaning behind that particular insult. She knew it an insult by the tone of voice, but Winifred’s memories only supplied her with literal meaning of the word and the white-haired one had never referred to her in such a manner.

The very human urge to trade barbs with the one willing to cause her harm made Illyria shrug off her confusion as she ordered, “Refrain from opening that bacteria-ridden maw in my direction.” She leaned as far forward as her bindings would allow before explaining, “I don’t know where you’ve been.”

A smirk twisted her mouth a moment before the next blow brought her neck to the side with a crack. The blue-eyed one was baying at her now, voice tugged low with frustration, “Tell us what you are!”

“Your better,” Illyria lifted her head before clarifying, “In every way.”

The cocking of a gun cut off any response the two would have made and Illyria greeted her guide without removing her gaze from her captors. “Good evening, Wesley.”

There was a sigh and then an accented voice replied, “Quite the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into.”

The duo spun and she allowed herself to look to her guide then and offered him the only response his statement of the obvious was deserving of—silence. He smiled at her and her eyes narrowed upon his proud posturing. A fair cry from his condition prior to their entrapment in this new, and wholly unfortunate, world.

She’d only meant to save his life, to use her essence to call upon the flesh as she’d once done so long ago, but that call on her already weakened power had fractured the dimension Vail had set up residence in. She had healed Wesley, but in doing so she had dramatically weakened herself and fractured the world around them. Illyria had lost consciousness soon after and that left Wesley alone to free them. She’d awoken several days later to learn that he’d succeeded, but the world they’d escaped to had not been their own. They had also been in Canada.

The sounds of a scuffle brought her back into the present with a frown and Illyria saw that Wesley was saving her once again and, like the dialect from before, she found it grating. One of the men stumbled, boot cutting through one of the chalk lines and she willed the visage of Winifred Burkle away as she rose from her chair. The ropes snapping in tandem with the movement before she caught the arm of the one that had caused her pain.

She caught the widening of his gaze and relished in his sudden fear before she broke the arm that had accosted her--repeatedly. Wesley rendered his unconscious before coming to her side and she dropped the green-eyed one before he requested she not take his life. It irritated her that he did not allow her the smallest of pleasures at times.

The green-eyed one stared up at her with such hatred that it made her smile before she turned to her guide and requested, “Let us leave this place.”

“A reasonable plan.” He turned to the one at her feet and stated, “I left your partner alive. This time.”

The threat remained unspoken as Illyria led them from the room and she felt the warmth of Wesley’s hand through her armor where he cupped her shoulder. It was an odd sensation that made the space near her innards clench. She chose to ignore as they headed towards the scent of night and freedom.

The end.
yayayay, Wes and Illyria alive and together, post-finale, and very in character. I feel sorry for the other guys, though!
Yay for in character! I had barely anytime to get this one written so I'm happy it worked. :) I think every once and a while those boys need their asses handed to them to keep them on their toes.
Sam and Dean don't get it this time, but if Bobby is still around he might be able to figure it out. He's a crafty one that man. It all depends on when this confrontation takes place on whether or not Castiel would be involved and at what powerlevel he'd be at. This coming season I hear he, and every other angel, are trapped on Earth and human. I might have to start watching again.

Illyria is just an interesting character to throw into the mix. She's big enough that she's going to cause bumps in the timeline.
Wow! The Winchester boys are no match for an angry watcher! Great story line. :D
Bwahahahaha! They clearly had no idea who they were messing with. And you know how much I adore it when you write Illyria and Wesley. :D
:) The wrath of Illyria tends to of the unexpected sort. She's not one to triffle with. Either kill her or let her be.