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well, that went well

I've nearly completed my challenge fic and now the editing process begins. I'm rusty, but I still have three days to get it all done. The story turned into fanfiction, not original which is hella disappointing, but after brainstorming the other night with polgara_5 the muse was all sorts of interested in my most recent plot bunny.

Random Topic Change: This season of Face Off has some talented people, but most of their personalities make me want them to lose. I feel terrible because it's their makeup skills that matter, but when they consistently whine about the challenge I am forced to mute it until they get back to work. So much talent, so many bitchfests.

RTC: I think I want a twitter account just to follow famous people who amuse me, but then I think about how much time I spend on Facebook (which isn't that much when compared to Pinterest) and think 'Eh, better not.'
Depends on how well I wrote I think. :)

There's a reason I don't watch 'reality television' but I watched FaceOff because they usually showcase the talent of the contestants and the interaction between them has always been secondary. It still was/is, but this season's contestants all seemed to whine about every challenge and all the work they'd have to do. This is the 6th season. How did they not know what they were getting into?

Twitter just feels like one more distraction. I might eventually break and join, but for now I shall pretend it is the devil and should be avoided. ;)

I love the Food Network and Food Channels. I'm a fan of most cooking shows because I love to eat. :)

Pinterest is addicting and I have to be careful when I go to bed. I'm not allowed to play on my phone before I sleep because usually an hour slips by and I don't even realize it.