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podcasts and plotting

So I've discovered the interesting world of podcasts via my iPhone and now I'm listening my way through 'Welcome to Night Vale' which is odd and all sorts of weird. I blame Pinterest for the interest in it since that place is bombarded with references to the series at times and since those references tend to amuse me I've decided to give it a go.

On a writing front I've started to more thoroughly plot original stuff and researching and designing layouts of homes and businesses. I'm not certain what city it will take in place in since all the cities I'm truly familiar with are in Florida and for some reason the thought of basing the series in Florida feels limiting. I think creating  my own Gotham or Sunnydale or Springfield seems a far more interesting prospect.

MegaCon is in a few weeks and I'm getting bouncy with excitement at getting to meet Eliza Dushku, John Barrowman and Karl Urban. Those are my top three, but there are a lot of Walking Dead cast members that will be there as well, but, alas, no Norman Reedus. I'm almost thankful since I can barely contain my glee as it is. :)

Enough about me. How're you all doing? Any big plans for March? 
Ooohhh, let me know if you like Night Vale the farther you go in. I keep seeing stuff about it pop up on my Tumblr dash but haven't had time to look into it.

And yay you for working on your original stuff. :) And I don't see anything wrong with creating your own city for it to take part in. Other writers do it all the time, so why not you?

I've only gotten through the pilot. It's odd. That's the best word I can come up with at the moment, but I'm going to give it a few more episodes. It helps that it's a free podcast. :)

I'm working my way through a concept of building an entire city. It seems time consuming and possibly very headache inducing, but that's on par with learning a shit ton about a city I don't live anywhere near. I want a city with four seasons dammit! :D
I love Welcome to Night Vale! It gets so good, and if you get the chance to see a live show of theirs, do it!

Yay writing!
I've only listened to two so far. :) I'm still sticking with odd as my currently opinion of the series.

Yay indeed! How goes your own writing?
Odd is good. It's definitely one you need to pay attention to because you think of something else for a few minutes and then you miss things.'s not. I just get home from work and don't want to do anything except eat dinner and watch TV. Work's been killing my muse.
Twisting the Hellmouth Site is Down

I know you're one of the mods there and the site has been down all day. Is something wrong? I've tried to e-mail JoeHundredaire and JRabbit, but I haven't heard back from them yet. I imagine I'm scarcely the only one rather concerned, so I was hoping that you might know something.

Thank You,