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smidgen of good news

The owner of the lawn-service is being a generous soul and only charging me between $100-150 to trim back the Brazilian Pepper Tree(s) - apparently they're plural and on both sides of my property. Fantastic. He's also going to trim back all the vegetation encroaching on my property line and clean up the bushes in front of my home for free. He's a sweetheart and a gentleman and thank goodness that by this time next week my property will be all shiny and less Secret Garden-ish. :)

I have not seen an ant crawling up the outside of my house which is delightful and I keep looking every time I go outside. The kitties are still not allowed in the garage, their favorite hunting ground for spiders, because I'm not certain what types of chemicals they used in there. I wasn't home when the job was done and since the garage is not considered 'inside the house' they might of treated it with far more poisonous sprays. I just took the kitties for their annual checkup. They don't need to see the vet again this soon.

I'm also working on the Captain America plotbunny (at least one of them) and there will be violence. So far I've got at the very least three fight scenes planned and I'm blocking out the first one. Hallways are narrow and confined and sound like a challenge. :D I do so love to write the violence.  
They seem to have dissipated but I'm keeping an eye out just encase. There's something about ants that make you think of armies in your walls or I might be crazy and projecting. ;)

Home ownership is both rewarding and massively expensive.