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Title: Relativity

Progress: 10/100

Word Count: 300

Prompt: #6 Blood

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from them.

She watched the thin plastic tube as a nameless nurse wrapped it around her bicep. Gloved hands tying the tourniquet tight with a sharp tug that pulled her arm forward and she frowned down at the metal tray to the side of her hand. Eyes narrowing on the sterile instruments and amber tubes that according to the nurse shielded the blood from light and helped prevent the tests from coming back inconclusive.
A damp cotton ball was wiped over the antecubital region of her forearm and it raised goosebumps over her skin as the alcohol evaporated taking her skin’s heat with it. The nurse pressed a firm thumb into the bend of her forearm, palpitating the vein and following it up and into her bicep before nodding to herself and reaching toward the tray.
Her hand flexed around the black stress ball and she watched her veins protrude before slipping back once she released. The nurse turned to her with a sympathetic look. “This may pinch a little.”
She arched a delicate brow, “Why the sudden increase in tests?” 
The nurse shrugged and pushed the needle into her skin quickly and smoothly. “Please squeeze the ball.” She complied, “Thank you, White Rabbit.”
She looked up at the correction. “I’m sorry?”
“One calls me Rabbit.”
Her lips quirked, “That’s better than White I suppose.”
Green eyes shifted down to watch as her blood slowly filled the amber tube. The usually red substance looked darker, nearly black through the colored glass and she frowned. Head cocking as she spoke out loud the thought tickling the back of her mind. Her voice lowered, became a whisper. “Because it’s always about the blood.”
The nurse’s hands stilled, stiffened above her arm. “What does that mean?”
She shook her head. “I have no idea.”
The End.
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Thank you! There's something about that line that tugs at the heart strings. Seemed like the perfect thing for Buffy to remember first.
Awww, she's remembering Spike, sort of. That line really kind of summarizes Buffy's life over the past several years. Her world is surrounded by blood and death, the two intermingling in a web that's complex and simple all in one moment. Verra nice.

:D The nice thing about being behind in reading is that when I come back, I have lots to read....
You have lots to read and then you share in the review love. *basks*

That line is one of the more powerful ones ever said on the show...that the cheese guy quote: I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me.