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So I'm working my way through this fight scene and I've come to part in which the Buffster actually has to use her strength. We've never actually been told how strong a Slayer is supposed to be and while it did tend to waiver from episode to episode I'm a little torn on who is supposed to be stronger. Steve Rogers or a Slayer?

Steve is able to bench press 1200 pounds. According to the role-playing game a Slayer can bench press 800.

I know Buffy was shown carrying an I-Beam in season 6 which depending on how long it was (from the screencaps I'd say about 15 feet or possibly smaller) the heaviest I-Beam is 22 lbs per foot which means it would weigh about 330 lbs.Faith once picked up a 200 lb barbell one handed in AtS and then popped another inmate in the face with it. So that's inline with the 800 as well and it's possible the longer a Slayer is active the stronger they become. Possibly Faith and Buffy are closer to 1000 lbs now.

But the question remains: who is stronger?

My research has me leaning towards Steve.

I'm not asking who is the better fighter. (Though that one would be tough to answer as well.) In this instance in the fight I need to know who is physically stronger.

Discuss. Debate. Help a writer out. ;)
Willow spell won't have happened in this series so she wouldn't have that added boost. This story veers wildly off course as of the Cruciamentum and I'm still working my way through the Sunnydale time line. Should be interesting. :)

I think fighting wise Steve and Buffy would be par with one another in regards to experience. I think war actually might put him slightly ahead of Buffy if he had a chance to strategies. He's incredibly intelligent (which I know Buffy's no slouch), but a surprise attack would be in Buffy's favor. She's better at reacting in the moment.

I think that Steve is physically stronger, but Buffy has a better fighting ability since hers is instinctual and problem solving.
I think Buffy and Steve come at fights from different angles. Buffy tends to rely on her strength at first (depending on the season) and that wouldn't work with Steve. Though I think she would be faster than him in general.

A knock down, drag out fight between them would be interesting. :)
My gut says Steve is stronger but not by much... Don't know why the gut is thinking that, could be the hot dog from dinner.
Hot dogs are a good dinner. I'm partial to chili cheese dogs. :)

I think Steve did win this discussion. I'm all about being pro!Slayer, but most comic book characters would wipe the floor with a Slayer. I think that has more to do with television budgets than Whedon's imagination though.