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under accomplished, but still smiling

Well, I didn't get very much done on the home improvement project. I have the wood, but I have to take it to a friend's to get two feet cut off one of the 8ft lengths so I can attach it to the other length of wood.

I did purchase stain, but I might use the steel wool and vinegar treatment I found on Pinterest instead because it looks nifty. *nods* I have my work cut out for me, but I do get to use my shiny new electric sander. *bounces* Another trip to H.D. is in my near future for protective eyewear. I think I might need some.

I've written very little, but I did plot out two more scenes. Blue October is my soundtrack for this story. It currently owns my soul.
I have the particles mask, but I can't seem to find my eye wear. I had it before I moved, but since then it's disappeared and I really liked them too. :(