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These are the three titles I received from peeps. Feel free to wander over here and toss some more at me.

“I’m Not Waiting Anymore” – kerrykhat

This title screams Peggy Carter at me. It’s a strong statement and feels like a coming of age story. It’d take place before WWII, before Steve. It would be about the moments in her youth that helped forge her into the woman she would become. Someone who with the strength to meet Steve Rogers, even after his enhancements (but more importantly before) on even ground.

Her difficulties at finding a place for herself since she’d been raised to be self-reliant. I see her as an only child (even though the comics made her Sharon Carter’s aunt—which makes it feel as if Steve would always be comparing Sharon to Peggy which isn’t even close to being far to Sharon. Boo that shitty plotline.). Both parents were intelligent and her father was a soldier. While he did sugarcoat his stories for his little girl she still remembers the pride he had in his small part in winning the Great War.

He was her main reason for joining the British Armed Forces and while they’d only let her a nurse at first she pushed her way into the Special Air Service program.

She’s baddass like that.


“Close Yet Far Away” – kaylashay

This inspires Xander feelings for me and while I’m not usually a Xander writer I think this would work nicely during the summer between seasons three and four. Something always told me that his car didn’t breakdown and he really did make it across the country and while on the trip he runs into a demon and a certain Winchester.

John to be exact.

They clash, Xander kills the demon and Dean finds himself stuck between two hotheads and it’s almost like old times. The Winchesters are still reeling from Sam leaving them the year before, but neither are willing to admit it.

John insists on teaching Xander how to hunt properly and Xander really just wanted a vacation away from all things supernatural.

Neither gets entirely what they want.


“This Was Not Part of the Plan” – polgara_5

This feels like a snippet of dialogue that I stole and make the title of a story. More precisely dialogue spoken by Agent Phil Coulson with the most deadpan delivery and his head cocked in consideration at the turn of events. Perhaps it’s a simple recon mission in South America to gather intel when they stumble across Faith Lehane who, by all accounts, is an escaped felon with possible ties to a terrorist organization.

Ward takes it upon himself to engage Faith who in turns hands him his ass. Guns are draw, Ward is bruised and bleeding and Faith hasn’t even broken a sweat.

Dialogue is spoke and Faith isn’t inclined to just go quietly with them. She’s actually more inclined to stomp all their asses, but Couson talks her down—because that’s what BAMFs do—and Faith makes a call rather than giving into her inclination to bust skulls.

The name Buffy rings a bell for Coulson and this is the beginning of a beautiful—soon to be doomed—relationship between SHIELD and the IWC.
I gotta say, I love all of these. Love your headcannon for Peggy. I can so see all of that in her. And I agree, the Sharon being her niece thing is a stupid plotline. I even enjoyed the storyline for Xander, and you know how much that pains me to say it. Mostly because I would just love to see John be driven crazy with his antics. :)

And Faith and Coulson, together in a fic? total badass. Because they are both bad ass. And Ward getting his ass kicked just makes me happy. And yes, I can totally see Coulson saying that line. *sigh* Couldn't convince you to actually write this one, huh? ;)