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The anniversary of D-Day had me inquiring to my mom who in our family fought in World War II. None of my family was on Normandy beach, but did I learned that both sides fought in the war, but only one of them came out of it relatively unscathed.

My grandfather, my mom's dad, was a radio controller and was stationed in both Germany and France during his deployment. He didn't really talk about the war. He always said it was good dinner conversation whenever any of the kids inquired, but there was one story that he would drag out when company was over.

While in Germany he left the "safety" of the camp to do his nightly call in. He sat himself beneath a rather large tree and started his transmission. Halfway through he heard a 'whoosh' and the tree behind him had a sudden hole in it.He looked at the bullet hole, looked out the dark and then got the hell away from that tree.

He'd then laugh and change the subject.
I know my paternal grandfather didn't serve, he met my grandmother during that time and was supporting his mother an siblings.

But my maternal grandfather did serve in the Navy during WWII, but was stationed in the Pacific. I know at one time the ship he was serving on had been attacked and sunk and that he was lucky to have survived. Scary to think how we could have not been here.
Dad's didn't serve because his brother was already serving and he was the only other male heir so he was exempt from the draft. My great uncle is the story that didn't turn out so well. :(

That's fascinating and terrifying. Though I admit to a morbid kind of curiosity towards these types of stories. I find family histories incredibly fascinating.
That's similar to why my dad's dad didn't serve. He was the oldest, his father had died during a flu epidemic before the Great Depression and my grandfather had to drop out of school to help provide for the family. My great-grandparents had owned a bar... and then of course Prohibition happened. So grandpa was stuck at home, Plus, I think he was a little on the older side.

Which interestingly enough is how he ended up hooked up with my grandmother. She was a single mom, Catholic, who was trying to find a husband to help provide for her and her daughter and provide her some legitimacy, or something. Details always get hazy there because she has never told the same story twice. But because the 'pickings were slim' she ended up with him. Funnily enough, they lived together for years and had two sons before they actually got married... and then had three more sons together. Crazy.