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you put a sour little flavor in my mouth now

My area of Florida keeps getting storms around the time I'm heading to bed and it's kinda fantastic because I love the sound of rain and thunder and wind. It's soothing. My lawn also needs the love. It's suppose to do this all through the weekend too. I'm gonna sleep so damn deep. :D

I revisited the Marvel!bunny and managed to get 1600 words written of the next scene. 1600 words and the entire point of the scene is finally reached. Since when did fight scenes need so much exposition to reach them? Who needs plot?! I mean seriously! ;)

Also Xander wormed his way into this story so I might need a Xander fan to read over what I've written of him at some point before posting. I'm looking at you kaylashay. Though to be fair I do intend to Joss him. You know what that means.

I shall leave you with this video of Brendon Urie who is the lead singer of Panic! at the Disco. He's part of the inspiration for Emerson (one of the characters for the original story).

I hope you were able to get the deep sleep you were hoping for! Storms like that always make for the best sleep for me, too.

And congrats on the 1600 words! Can't wait to read what you make of that bunny!
I did and then some. I might've overslept that morning, but thankfully I didn't have to work Saturday so it's all good. :)

Thank you! This bunny so far has about 4500 words written, but it's nowhere near done yet. :) I'm trying not to force anything with the Marvel!bunny.

The original!bunny on the other hand I attempt to force myself to get something done on it each night. Even if it's only gathering Google search images for reference and inspiration.

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And wow... so apparently LJ didn't want me to see this post.

On a whim I was browsing back through notifications and LJ never emailed me one on this and that was when I was way busy at work and missed some LJ browsing!!

Epic Fail!!

I would definitely love to see your Xander. :)
LJ is sneaky.

YAY! I attempted to make him as likable as possible... mostly because I intend to Whedon him and because I think he always tried his best. :D