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Drabble: ...are alone

Title: …are alone

Word Count: 300

Progress: 11/100

Prompt: #10 Dream

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them


…are alone
Shadows shifted along her peripheral vision, leached their way forward to dance before her as she leaned into a plush chair. She felt comforted, warm with the slopped back supporting her as she stared into the inky black. There was a flash of red hair, brief and startling against the darkness before the shadows shifted, swallowing it. She smiled, fingers playing over the soft covers of the chair’s arms as she cocked her head. Felt a change in the darkness behind her. 
“Is this blood?” The voice was covered by static and it tugged her from the chair. Had her spinning toward it in the black and she caught a glimpse of a butcher’s knife and a bleeding forearm. “This is blood isn’t it? It can’t be me. I’m not a key.”
She struggled forward and the dark tangled around her ankles as the voice broke, shifted into focus. “I’m not a thing.” It was a girl, maybe a teenager and she rushing on, tears choking her. “What am I? Am I real?” For a moment she snapped into focus, blue eyes accusing. “Am I anything?”
The shadows dipped down, forward and slipped around her body and mind. Shoved her back from the image and sounds so that she was falling. Weightless and terrified as the wind whipped up around her, brought with it the grit of sand and a voice rose up, growling over the wind, “We…Are…Alone!” before she impacted.
She jerked awake, eyes wide as she struggled to even her breathing and glanced around the darkened white on white room. Her brows drew down and she pressed a hand to her damp forehead, fisted the other in the rough cotton of her bedding. Her eyes narrowed as she glanced around her impersonal space and whispered.
“What the fuck?”
The End.
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damn, that's a slayer/memory dream if I've ever seen one. But how I love that one of the biggest flashes she gets and it's of her sister.
Dawnie was the biggest part of her life toward the end and I think she'd be one of the things Buffy would remember first and most.

Thank you for noticing the Slayer aspect of it at the some it was confusing. And here I was under the assumption that Slayer dreams were meant to be confusing and cryptic. ;-)
I always thought Slayer dreams were suppose to be confusing as well. That it was part of the PTB package, give 'em just enough clues to get them motivated and curious, but not enough to give the answer away....