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orphan black

There's a reason you all should be watching the show Orphan Black and her name is Tatiana Maslany. She's not a particularly well known actress, but what she brings to the show, to all the characters she plays, is superb and so wonderfully raw at times that you root for her even when she's portraying the villain.

The show's a simple enough concept. Grifter-girl attempts to flee abusive boyfriend with his stash and ends up watching a woman who could be her twin commit suicide by train. Steals said 'could be' twin's purse and assumes her identity and thus stumbles across Clone Club. It would be an utterly ridiculous show without Maslany's heartfelt performance of the clones.

It just wrapped season two and I do admit that the show sometimes flounders there's always something enjoyable, usually Sarah's brother Felix, there to bring it right back around. I can't recomend this show enough. Seriously. It won't disappoint.

It also has Wil Wheaton's stamp of approval. If that means anything at all to you. ;) 
I really enjoyed S1. am waiting for S2 to be available on either Amazon for free or Netflix so I can marathon it.
S2 was good. It was slow going like the first season, but once it picked up holy mother did it get intense.
This show is beyond addictive. I think I need to watch more of it shortly. Thankfully both seasons are on demand for my television service. :)
:) My husband and I watched them all back to back up until the final 2 episodes of season 2 when we finally caught up with the live airings. We were hooked from the first episode. On demand is great! Wish I had that for rewatch ;)