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you think you're ready for it?

Does anyone else have a coworker that the very sound of their voice sets you on edge? Like your dislike for them is so intense that you can't even speak with them without wanting to high five them in the face?

Also my 9 wooden crates from Michael's have arrived. I'm building myself a bookshelf/shelving unit.

I might be crazy. I blame Pinterest. 
I do - and it seems the list of people fitting that description grows all the time. I'm getting crotchety in my old age...

I'm intrigued by your project - which pinterest project are you trying (there are so, so many! )

Did you forget your login again? ;)

I have one person that the very sound of their voice makes me want to punch something. Unfortunately her office is directly across from my own. Ugh.

It's a bookshelf(ish) sort of thing that involves stacking crates. I need to sand and stain all the crates and then figure out how they all fit together. I have an idea...
Lol. Nah, for some reason it just doesn't like to let me log in when I'm on my phone.

Ugh, so you have to look at her all day?
I have one of those coworkers. God, do I ever. Every single thing about him makes me want to punch him, repeatedly, at all times. I don't even know what specifically it is about him that sets me off, but man, the moment I see him, I go into grumpy face mode. Good thing his desk is pretty much at the opposite corner of the office :)
My nemesis is in the office across from mine and her voice is so damn loud.

Thankfully my boss dislikes her too so we bond over that. :D