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hello darkness my old friend

I made a bit of progress on the bookshelf. Two and a half crates sanded before the rain chased me indoors. It would have three, but one of the crates has a rung cracked around a knot. Darn it.

I got halfway through sanding it before I noticed. I'm not entirely certain Michael's will take it back, but I'm going to try. Thankfully the pattern I settled on only requires 8 crates so I still have enough without ordering anymore.

Didn't get any writing done, but I'm still feeling accomplished because of the crates. :)

The Strain starts tonight. Hopefully it's a good as the previews make it seem. I do love me a vampire story and this one doesn't appear to be shying away from the fact that they're basically parasites that feed off of humans and therefore shouldn't be found sexy.

Some vampires are sexy, but I like mine to be ruthless, dangerous and scary. Sexy has been done to death at this point - pun possibly intended. 
Congrats on the progress with the crates! I hope you were able to return the one you couldn't use for the bookcase.

I haven't seen any previews for The Strain (the joys and pains of not having cable - unless someone pimps something, I often have no idea about new things) - I'll be interested to hear how you like it.
I wish I could say I've worked on them since then, but... whoops? ;)

Two episodes in and still good. I like the science behind their vampires. It's kinda fascinating.