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i'm not on drugs. i'm just in love.

 I've started no less than three short stories for the twistedshorts, but none of them are finished. Darnit. I've got a Marvel!bunny that is basically character introduction fluff, a continuation of SPN ficlet collection and a random Teen Wolf bunny that came outta nowhere.

 I did finish another scene in the monstrous Marvel!bunny last night. I watched 6 episodes of Angel to write a 1000 word scene. Apparently I'm dedicated to my craft. *snort* Or perhaps I thought the scene would take longer.

Happy reading and writing all!
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I know those looks! Lord do I know those looks. I kind of accidentally got most of them into it, first by telling them how it was so bad it was good and then I got a few more into it by telling them how I had accidentally ensnared others. Pictures of half naked, chained Derek Hale may have swayed a few. It was all done with a "I miss a time when I didn't have to question my life choices" disclaimer, I swear!

Hmm. I may have to try that reverse psychology thing more often. I did actually try to get my sister to watch, but only managed to get her hooked on Revenge instead.

I didn't even get to eat the cookies, is the thing. They better not just keep disappearing on me. :(
Season one really was so bad it was good. I got hooked because the season two premier aired after the MTV movie awards, which I still adore to this day, and I just kept it on afterwards. I then binged on the first season which was kinda hilariously bad, but stuck around after that. :D

I've not watched Revenge. I'm not huge on the soapy stuff and Revenge just always seemed that way when I saw previews. I have a lot of coworkers and friends that adore it though.

It is soapy in the extreme - over the top even for a daytime soap but crossed with a heavy dose of Dynasty/Dallas levels of wealth and family dysfunction.

Specks accidentally got me into when by telling me how badly this one show at La Cienega got booed by the audience. I couldn't believe it was that bad, so I watched the pilot and mocked and watched the new few eps and mocked then... I was hooked. It's basically just one episode of OMG what can they possibly do next after another.