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wishlist prompt list 2014

The six prompt spots have been filled and the prompts can be found below the cut. Wish me luck and good luck to all the other participants!

prompter: polgara_5
fandom(s): BtVS, Avengers (MCU)
prompt: Buffy couldn’t figure out why she was the only one seeing Steve’s mischievous nature.

prompter: jedibuttercup
fandom(s): BtVS, The Walking Dead
prompt: Buffy, at least, as many of the other Scoobies and the WD cast as you want. Either part of your ongoing series, or standalone; whichever inspires you most.

prompter: kaylashay
fandom(s): BtVS, White Collar
prompt: Buffy/Neal

prompter: kerrykhat
fandom(s): BtVS, BBC Sherlock
prompt: Continuation of 221C Baker Street


fandom: Marvel (MCU), Burn Notice
prompt: Natasha + the Miami crew

prompter: xgirl2222
fandom(s): BtVS, Thor (MCU)
prompt: Continuation of Oddinsdottir ‘verse. Buffy, Thor and Loki meet for the first time.

prompter: pprfaith
fandom(s): BtVS, Teen Wolf
prompt: Buffy & Peter – resurrection for beginners