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random plotbunny

So instead of plotting out ideas for my prompts the muse instead decided to do a retcon of Bran and Leah's relationship in the Patricia Brigg's story because after rereading the Alpha Omega series (still not my favorite) I've discovered that Bran seriously irritates me with his treatment of Leah.

So in this random bunny of bunnies I image D'Hoffryn (is it odd that I got the spelling correct on the first try?) granting a muttered wish of Buffy's and trapping her in the world of Brigg's creation with her ValleyGirl personna multiplied by a hundred and changes her name to Leah. Couple of decades married to Bran later Willow and Dawn find her and restore her memories.

Shitstorm commences.

This bunny is so damn soapy. It's almost as bad as my timetraveling Buffy meets Steve and Bucky before the super soldier serum and thus reenacts the plot of Pearl Harbor. ;)

My muse might be on crack. 

*ahem* I mean, yes, it sounds absolutely fascinating.I'm not above bribery to make this happen ;)

Perhaps once the prompts are completed I'll give it shot. It would explain why Leah is being kind to a 13 year old girl suddenly appearing in her life. It'd trigger something. ;)
Oh definitely!

I think my biggest complaint with Briggs' books is how she villainizes women who are opposed in some way to her heroines, both with Leah and Adam's first wife. It just detracts from my enjoyment of her worlds
I don't think she's confident enough in herself to create a character that doesn't like the heroines and yet still manage to make them likable. Perhaps she thinks it'll make people take the other character's side? *shrugs*

Adam's wife reminds me of some people I actually know so she gets less leeway with me than Leah.
It is now Illyria traveling with Dawn in search of Buffy since they are the only two immortal Scoobies and Dawn refuses to let her sister go. Illyria respected Buffy (as much as Illyria can respect anyone) and agrees to be Dawn's bodyguard on this mission.

Old One vs Bran and his "psychotic" pack of wolves. Should be interesting.