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forgive the things I do

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was a little rough. I won't get into details. It'll just upset me and I'd rather avoid that if I can.

I've got two of the last four wishlist fics plotted and another already in progress. I may or may not have worked on the Marvel bunny tonight rather than the stories owed to others. *ducks*

I also took up kerrykhat's recommendation and downloaded the first October Daye novel to my kindle. I had a giftcard and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I'll likely do a review for it once I'm done.

If anyone else has some suggestions for new series of books to get into please do. My boss and my sister got me kindle gift cards so I've got a bit to spend and there's currently nothing in my "to read" pipline. 
TOBY!!!!! I'm so excited to see what you think of the series, especially as it goes on. :D Another good urban fantasy series that I've been enjoying lately is the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson. It's a really different take on magic and I really adore Harper and all of her edges.

If you're interested in more fantasy, Kate Elliott's Spiritwalker Trilogy is all kinds of amazing, as are all of NK Jemisin's books. I also really really loved The Goblin Emperor this year. It's a quiet, thoughtful book, but oh the main character is such a sweetheart trying to navigate his way through a not so nice world. The Martian by Andy Weir was probably my favorite sci-fi book this year, with a great narrative voice and a tense plot.
I'm about halfway through and there are a lot of characters (and information) being thrown at me and I'm hoping some of them stick around. :)

The NK Jemisin books might be a little out of my reading bubble. I'm not overly fond of high fantasy, but for some reason I've no issue with fantasy that takes place in the past. *shrugs* I can't explain it. Entirely new worlds just don't grab me the same way urban settings do.

The Martian sounds interesting though. I might need to pick that up. Thanks!