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you did not break me

Just an FYI: Twisting the Hellmouth is having server issues and had to be moved early to its new server. (The old server was having the issues.) But this move has happened weeks ahead of schedule and so the site is currently in read only mode while all the kinks are worked out. This process will likely take several days so please be patient.

The forums have also been moved to the new sever and appear to be fully functional. Please check there for updates TtH Forums. (The new sever is located on (dot) net rather than (dot) org.)

On a personal note I got a lot accomplished getting one of my spare bedrooms ready for a bed. One of my coworkers had a littles and doesn't have use for a queen bed in that room any longer. So free bed! I'm not too proud to be excited by this. :)

I also wrote my response to this week's prompt on
tamingthemuse tonight. Some will be happy to know that it's more of my We Find Ourselves series (aka Hank Summers/Walking Dead Series).

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
It needs to rest before I edit it, but while that's happening I did write another scene in my Vampire!Buffy Vampire Diaries story and I'm currently working on more the Buffy/Leah story.

Apparently when I actually give myself the chance to write it can happen. Hopefuly I can keep this up. :)
No rush really. I've had a craving lately for all of my fav authors. I'm working on a few things myself. Did a read through of a couple of my wips and fiddled. Was inspired to work on my WD/BtVS fic and my DA/BtVS .
I've had the same craving as of late. :) I want/need to read some quality fiction darn it!

Yay for more Dark Angel. I'm hoping some prompts this year inspire more of for my WIP so I can start posting it elsewhere on the web. If you need a sounding board (for either bunny) I'm ready and willing.