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I've got this bit of prose stuck in my head, "There was blood in her mouth, she hoped it was her own," and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it needed to be written down. Does anyone else get those snippets? Things that won't let off till you get them to paper/Word?

I purchased a new(er) car this weekend. I'm not thrilled at the prospect of car payments, but the Cavalier was starting to me make worry when it came to long trips. She lasted a good 13 years with me and we went on many a roadtrip to Disney together. It helps to live in Florida. ;) Though she did make it to New Orleans and back as azraelz_angel can attest. The little engine that could, that car. This Sentra has some big shoes to fill, but I've got faith she'll do just fine.

And now back to writing. I have a tamingthemuse prompt to complete and a bigbang to work on.

Happy Tuesday! 
I'm trying to get writing and I back to seeing eye to eye which is the main reason I started back with the tamingthemuse community. It's also why, even after posting to that community, I wait a couple of days before editing again and posting elsewhere on the web. Time constraints can work against the editing process.

I read up on the Nissan via consumer reports and the electrical issues were mostly in the early 2000 model. They've gone through two body changes and revamped their electrical systems with the '09s. There've not had any reported issues since that update. Though I picked the '12 instead of the '13 because the '13 had some reported fuel injection issues. I might've done a wee bit of research before I made my purchase. ;)

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I have a few friends and that's how they buy cars. I tell them if they're going to do that then lease. At least then if you don't like it you can turn it in after two years. ;)