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the plot bunnies, they're a hopping

This week's prompt, scullion, wasn't doing much for me until I found the secondary definition ‘a low or contemptible person’ and now I do believe it’s going to be used for the Marvel!bunny.

I can see how some of the Marvel characters might think of Buffy as a scullion while questioning her and since that’s the newest scene I’m working on it works out nicely. This also means you all won’t get to read my response this week because I it'll be locked to the tamingmods. Sorry!

The other bunny is a Walking Dead one, but I’m not sure if I should do one that involves a 15 year old Buffy and 9 year old Dawn. I’ll need to finish this season before actually hashing that one out, but in this wee!Dawn would turn into a little asskicker. Just sayin’.

Lexi is also getting loud about her part in Thistle and Sinew. I might need to revisit that story sometime soon.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!