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when we part ways forever

If the auditors, internal, state and federal, could just go away that would be swell. I can't remember the last time my boss wasn't neck deep in prepping for one of those three to invade our bank or worse yet do an offsite review. You'd think them not being underfoot would be easier, but instead they need more of everything—more reports, more examples, more processes. *headdeskrepeat*

That all being said I think I'm done with this week's prompt. I went with more of the Hank Summers’ verse since The Walking Dead kinda goes with the 'ooze' prompt like PP&J. I might add more to it later in the week, but for now tamingthemuse is fulfilled and I can focus on the heroinebigbang.

Which means I am be marvel!bunny bound. Wish me a happy muse! I hope to get two scenes done tonight.

Edit: One scene done.