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there's a wolf in mah heart

March is nearly over which means I've finished another month's worth of prompts from tamingthemuse and I've completed 13 weeks total. The word total was less this past month, but I did get some writing done on the Marvel!bunny so I'll take it all as a win.

So far I have three storylines going for this bunny with two of them about to converge on one another. The third storyline is the background (flashbacks for lack of a better phrase) and has to do with Hydra’s training of a brainwashed!Buffy who is still delightfully Buffy, but with little to no remorse. Should be interesting once what’s left of the Scooby Gang and Angel Inc get ahold of her. (I’m kinda itching to write that fight scene and Tara and Wesley might be the biggest badasses in that group, but only polgara_5 knows for sure.)

This week’s prompt is going to be more Leah!Buffy because ‘outcast’ just fits, but I intend to get at least one more scene written for the bigbang this week as well. I decided to give my muse a break this weekend and did very little writing, but a lot of reading and Netflix’ing instead. Sometimes we need breaks, but my rough draft is due 4/20 so I needs to get my butt in gear. ;)

Work should be interesting. More auditors arrive in the afternoon tomorrow and I have to do a meet and greet with them at 3PM because I’m one of their go to people. Wish me patience and luck!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. If you have any fun plans for the week please share them with me so I can live vicariously through you!