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ding dong...

The auditors are gone!

From what I gathered from my boss, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), we did good. I'll know more tomorrow when I can actually sit him down and grill him. ;) He did mention that my old boss and I were mentioned as being incredibly helpful so I'll take that as a win.

Especially since my department wasn't supposed to be part of the audit—until this morning when I was blindsided by an auditor wanting to look into my disputes. Thankfully I keep on top of that stuff and was able to provide them with everything they asked for with minimum fuss.

I like minimum fuss.

If only this prompt wasn’t being such pain in the arse. I’ve got no less than three concepts floating around with 700 words here, 500 words there and a 1000 words somewhere else written, but none of them near completion. *headdesk* Apparently, ‘outcast’, works for too many of my plot bunnies

*determined frown* I can do this! I shall settle on a concept by 10 and get one more hour of writing in before bedtime. Wish me luck!

Edit: I am the master of my muse! *whispers* Just don't tell her that.