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wip:thistle and sinew/btvs, vampire diaries/gen

Title: Thistle and Sinew
Chapter 3: Part A: small domains
Word Count: 1030
Prompt: #455 smirk @ tamingthemuse
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon and ME. Vampire Diaries and all related characters are copyright of L.J. Smith, Kevin Williams and the CW. No infringement intended.

Synopsis: Buffy really only knew one thing for certain. It was the same as it had been since she was sixteen and prophesied to face the Master. “I don’t want to die.”

Laughter filled the alley as Stefan Salvatore pulled his boot out of rather grim infested puddle and Lexi backpedaled carefully in her heels. Vampire reflexes aside the asphalt beneath them was potholed and riddled with cracks. She had no intention of having to waste an hour of her night nursing a sprained ankle—bones healed faster than ligaments. Don’t ask her why.

The scent of the water wrinkled her nose, a combination of diesel and rotting vegetation, and it did nothing to wipe the already sour look off her best friend’s face. “Come on! That was funny.”

“Hilarious.” She rolled her eyes at his oh so dry rejoinder and linked arms with him, steering him away from other possible puddle mishaps. He sighed and she made it all the way to six before he questioned, “Why are we here again?”

“Our good deed for the decade?” She squeezed his arm and ducked them beneath some low lying Chinese lanterns. “Newbie vampire in need of a tutorial. Would you rather someone like Damon teach her?”

“I’d rather we were still in Seattle.” Stefan scoffed and finally covered her hand with his own. “I’m sure Lee would prefer it also.”

The mention of her human lover made her smile and if she’d had normal blood flow Lexi was almost certain she’d be blushing. “So we’ll convince the newbie to come with us.” She saw the entry Wesley had described and nudged Stefan towards it with her grip on his arm. “I think this it.”

Her pupils spiraled outward at the lack of light in the narrow stairwell leading down into the club. A door, which looked as old as Stefan but harder worn, sat at the bottom. Lexi felt the vibration from the speakers through the cement and it made her pick up their pace. Stefan allowed himself to be dragged downward, but he beat her to the door, opening it for her. She smiled—at least his mother had raised one gentleman.

A rousing rendition of ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ was being sung by someone with a so-so voice, but Lexi could hear the heart in and it made her smile widen. She entered the club with Stefan only a step behind and quirked a brow at the ‘no weapons or violence allowed’ sign. Reclaiming Stefan’s arm as her own she looked around the club with interest. A bouncer stopped them a few steps inside and she rolled her eyes before informing him that he didn’t actually need to see their identification.

The compulsion took hold and she watched his brown eyes gloss over before he motioned them on to the metal detector. Lexi amused Stefan by tugging him forward so that they wedged themselves through together with nary a beep between them. The second bouncer gave them a quick once over and Lexi sniffed as they passed. Her head turned, gaze narrowed at the reptilian scent of him before she watched his eyes blink from the side with a second nictitating membrane.

“Cool,” was muttered beneath her breath before she turned her gaze back to the crowd in search of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. He’d always put such an emphasis on his name and his demon hunting prowess. Of course the prowess had been an exaggeration, but his name appeared to be legitimate.

Blue eyes narrowed on the patrons and searched each table, raising her brows a few times at some of the lesser human looking demons, before she settled on a high top table near the middle that housed Wesley and a little blonde with her back to them. She squeezed Stefan’s arm and slipped ahead of him and into the crowd. Different scents, ranging from cumin to oleander, assaulted her as she made her way through the tables and attempted to distract her.

The scent of days old blood stopped her and Lexi inclined her head before turning it in the direction the scent was strongest. She caught sight of a breeder—calling those things vampires was an insult—doing his damnedest to blend into the wall nearest the bar. His polyester shirt, which had been in style twenty some odd years ago, was not helping in way, shape or form. She bared her fangs at him and allowed the veins around her eyes to press forward with the thought of bloodshed. He scrambled to his feet, apparently old enough to know what she was and what she’d do to him, before he darted for the door.

Stefan shook his head at her antics and she lifted a shoulder in acknowledgement of her own shortcomings before finishing the trek to Wesley. He rose with a smile and she waved him down as she slid into the seat between him and the blonde. Forcing Stefan to take the seat across from her and she noticed the red lined glass a moment before the scent of human blood hit her.

Her brows rose—for about the twentieth time since entering the club—and she shot Wesley an amused look. “They serve blood here? Get out!”

“What fun.” A tightlipped smile was shot towards Stefan at the same time she kicked his ankle. He grimaced, “That actually hurt.”

“Meant to.” She assured him before finally allowing her to look at the little blonde. Her smile slipped away and she inclined her head before stating, voice devoid of emotion, “You’re Buffy Summers.”

Green eyes narrowed. “Yeah, apparently I’m real popular with your kind.”

“Our kind,” Lexi corrected with a quirked brow.

“Right,” she sighed, “Vampire by night and day and Vampire Slayer by none.”

“You were a hunter?” Stefan asked, suddenly intrigued by their guest.

“S-slayer, not hunter,” Wesley sputtered to life next to her. “There is a distinct difference.”

“Yeah,” Stefan offered, “One’s a myth and—”

“You’d be mythtaken,” Buffy interrupted with a smirk.

Lexi shook her head and refocused, “Who was stupid enough to turn a Slayer?”

“Wait. Slayers are actually real?”

Buffy spared Stefan a frown for his question before she informed Lexi, “Dracula.”

“That good for nothing,” she trailed off and sighed, “Well this means we need shots.” She looked to Wesley and gave him her best reassuring smile before clarifying, “Many shots.”
Like the brief mention of what a 'breeder' is. Just enough so the reader isn't thrown out by the term, but knowing that there will be more as to why Lexi refers to them with that term.

*snort* Poor Stefan, won't Buffy have fun with torturing him. He'd better hope she and Lexi don't team up against him. :)

And I really need to sit down at some point and finish watching this show.
Can I tell the rest of the story from Lexi's perspective? Because she was just fun.

Stefan is like Angel, but with more feelings. I think Lexi will love that she has a cohort in Buffy when it comes to dragging Stefan into the fun.

You should if only because it gets better until the end of season 4. Then just follow Klaus and his sibilings to New Orleans and pretend Vampire Diaries no longer exists. If this series ever gets that long it's what I intend to do with Buffy. ;)

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