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snake charming or how I spent my Sunday night

Did you know the police will send someone to help if you have a snake in your home? Indeed, they will as I learned Sunday evening at about midnight.

I was getting ready for bed when I heard a commotion in the laundry room and found both kitties screwing with something. Something that was red and the quick movements meant snake. So kitty one was snatched and tossed in the bedroom while kitty two was still doing her damnedest to kill the thing.

She too was tossed in the bedroom and I panicked for a minute unsure how to proceed because red can be a harmless scarlet kingsnake or a not so harmless coral snake here in Florida. I googled 'what to do if a snake gets in your home' and was informed the police will likely help. So my frightened ass called the police, not 911 but the local number, and the nice, calm woman on the phone assured me someone would be there soon.

45 minutes of more panic and shaking hands (pet snakes I can handle but wild things belong in the wild) and a dozen text messages with a guy friend later a lady officer arrives. The snake is beneath the kitty litter container she picks it up and I get my first real look at thing. It's tiny, barely a foot long and no bigger around than my finger. (Still would've called the police if I'd known the actual size because I'm not that brave.) It's also a harmless kingsnake so thankfully the kitties are safe.

The police officer picks it up and takes it outside - without laughing at me I might add and now my home is snake free. Though kitty two, Gracie, spent the better part of the next hour whining in the laundry room because she wanted to kill the snake herself. 
It was an itty bitty thing and once it was safely in the hands of the police officer it went from hellbeast to cute almost instantly. I'm happy they just released it a vacant lot a couple of lots down from my place. Since it was harmless I was fine with it being released. :D

Gracie wanted to kill it dead. There's no fear in that kitty. Unfortunately, their time in being allowed out in the garage to spider hunt has been put to an end. Leaving that door open is likely how the snake made its way inside (garage leads right in the laundry room). Gracie is not accepting this lightly and cries at the back door while I'm making dinner. So far I've stayed strong.

I'm fine with snakes, have held a couple, but they need to pets. The wild ones belong outside and I will be eternally grateful if they'd stay out there.