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keep on falling down

Can someone tell me to go and write? I keep allowing myself to get distracted by shiny things on the internet. Including my livejournal. Whoops.

Edit: Tumblr was also a bad idea... 
Stay off Tumblr until you watch the movie! Most people don't put spoilers under cuts there!!!
My dashboard is currently flooded with Oliver/Felicity mush since the characters spelt together last night. It's a really big deal. Apparently. ;)
I got my story for the this week's prompt completed last night. I just edited and posted it so I can focus on the bigbang.

Let us write! We can do this!

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yay! Had a random thought remind me of a Buffy/Sam Merlot fic I've had sitting like a lonely unmatched sock. Trying to fill in since after the initial intro chapter it's mostly some random scenes strung together. The kids should really go to bed butI don't want to stop because I'll lose momentum... Bad Mommy
When you're on a roll it's hard to tear yourself away. Sleep deprivation is a series side affect of writing. ;)
I think I'm avamclean... I mostly reblog things and not a lot of things. I've been there two years and still haven't reached 20 10 posts.

So yeah.

Edit: Just got a little email from Tumblr congratulating me on my tenth post. *headdeskrepeat*

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