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suck it up, buttercup

I'm still in the bigbang, but I didn't sign up for an artist since I may or may not finish in time. The moderator offered to make me art if I complete it in time which was super sweet and possibly the swift kick to my ass that I needed.

Wish me luck and a happy muse! 
I saw the name "buttercup" on my friends list and automatically twitched; I think I'm a little sensitive from all my brother's buddies in Diablo III being so amused by my battletag/username. :)

Wishing you luck!
'Suck it up, buttercup,' is my go to phrase when I need to rally myself or the troops. I know I heard it from somewhere, but I'm unsure where. :)

Thank you! 1000 words written tonight... about 10K more to go. I can do this!
I finished a scene in the bigbang that will be edited Saturday so that it better fits the prompt. So a little over 1000 words written tonight. I shall take that as a win.