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Drabble:Shire and Chess

Title: Shire and Chess

Progress: 13/100

Word Count: 550

Prompt: #27 Fear

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them. 

Shire and Chess
Thick-soled boots crunched the gravel walkway as she made her way around the back of the compound to the yard. The sun seeped though, past the darkening clouds spreading across the sky and filled the narrow section between buildings with dimming light. She inclined her neck, crossing her arms under her breasts and enjoyed the few moments of solitude. Her steps began to slow as an Umbrella employee escorting two Doberman intruded on her small sliver of peace.
Their regal heads rose in unison, dark drown, nearly black eyes narrowed on her face and she stilled, her head cocking with the sense of familiarity and stepped forward. The dogs’ heads lowered, bodies crouching as they followed her lead. Dragging their protesting trainer behind them and the man managed to grin nervously at her.
She ignored the attempt at pleasantries and stopped a few feet before she reached them. The dogs paused, their broad chests expanding as they scented the air, her and snorted. Pale lips quirked, “They’re beautiful.”
“They’re bitches is what they are.” Her brows shot up as she stepped forward and their compact frames shuddered as she gained closure proximity. Slim ears quirking up and forward as the trainer shifted, uncomfortable with the blonde’s sudden stillness and the magnificent creatures watching her so avidly. “Be careful there. They’re not the friendliest pair.”
She lifted amused eyes from them to meet the trainer’s gaze, “What’re their names?”
“Shire and Chess.”
Her lips lifted and she took the finally step that would bring her within touching distance and they snapped forward, teeth bared but she held her ground. Watched the strain of their necks against the thick metal chains attacked to leather collars. They pulled themselves forward those last few inches and she felt their hot breath through the rough material of her cargos. They hovered there, just a hairsbreadth away from taking a pound of her flesh. The sense of familiarity, of kinship strengthened and their eyes rolled up to watched her as a steady growl fell from Chess and was echoed by Shire.
She smiled, her own baring of teeth. “Sit.”
Her sharp voice startled them and they did as bid, hindquarters hitting the gravel without thought and the trainer froze, eyes widening. “How in the hell—”
“Rabbit!” She shifted to the side, caught sight of Rain glaring at her. “Move your ass!”
She glanced back to the two dogs and frowned at the way they stared up at her and she stepped back, away. A prickle of unease swept over and down her scalp to pull the hairs along the back of her neck on end. She offered the trainer a weak smile and stepped past him, ignored the way the dogs watched and moved her ass toward Rain.
She slowed her pace when she was within a few yards of the other woman and ignored the amused look, starting past her. Rain spun on her boot heel, caught her in three easy strides and asked with a smirk, “What are you? The dog whisper? Those things are beasts.”
She swiveled her neck to watch Rain a moment before snipping, “So they train with you?”
Rain snorted, “Blow me.”
“Shut your mouth and haul your ass. Kaplan’s a bitch about time.”
They hauled it.
The End. 
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More little hints. They recognize something, something that ultimately is more alpha than they are and she doesn't fear them despite knowing how dangerous they are.

And then it's back to training and restriction and orders.
She doesn't fear them and she recognizes something in them that's similiar to herself. Which shall be explained in the next section.

The training and restriction and orders might be tiresome but those moments aleast allow her some interaction with more normal people.
*snort* Dog whisperer. *snort* Too funny.

I love how they recognized the superior predator and the trainer's surprise when they followed her command. But *shudder* I've always found that dobermans scare me shitless. I love big dogs, but something about them give me the willies.
Dobermans get such a bad rap but I do have to agree that they are a little intimidating. Especially the ones from Resident Evil. ;)

*grins* You liked the dog whisper comment? Yay! I was a little worried that it didn't sound like Rain but the beast comment worked so well with it.

Good to know I can still amuse even with all the angst.