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plot bunnies, i has them

Does anyone else want to know about Dawn and Illyria's adventures through the multi-verse before they landed in Mercy'verse to reunite with Buffy in GutG? I'm sure people want more of the actual story, but that's a multi-chaptered beast and I can't add to it during the August Challenge without cheating. :)

I've got 7 more possible shorts in the pipeline. Here's to hoping inspiration holds out. 
Late to the show: ME ME ME!!! I need some more of that 'verse. I've been going through Wip's and starting some over because posting is a bit slow... And because my laptop is being a bitch so writing is frustrating most days. Maybe I shouldn't have named her Drusilla?
You're the only one to this particular show so I it's cool. ;) I'm interested in writing more of this pair up mostly just to see what kind of havoc they can bring to a given fandom.

Drusilla was temperamental and prone to fits of rage.