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rantings of a reader

There's something that drives me batty in literature and that is info dumps in the first chapter. Please allow me time to get to know your character before you tell me all about their fearful childhood and oh so tedious profession.

I get that the characters fear of her mother’s witchy powers is the driving force behind her reasons to not learn witchcraft, but stick to one topic at a time. I’m not past the first five pages and I already find your lead character dull.
Whenever someone posts something like this it always makes me go back and look at my work to see if I'm guilty of those things. So thank you for posting even though i know it's not my story you are referencing. It helps.
It's a published novel that's quite popular. I tend to be more forgiving of info dumps in fanfiction or novice writing as we all have to start somewhere, but this had an editor look it over. Craziness.
I've come across a few of those. A woman my hubby worked with heard I write and asked him to give m her book (self pub). Couldn't get past the first half chapter.
*winces* Yikes! Self-publishing is a slippery slope. While I get just how hard it is to break into the industry I'm fearful of the average person's grasp of grammar.
The thing that drives me absolute batshit in fanfiction is if someone uses text speech.


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