marvel: red in my ledger

blow a kiss, fire a gun

With that subject line I should really be laying down some serious Black Widow meta.


Instead I've come to state that my resume is complete. It'll still get sent out to some people for edits and such, but the bones and meat are there and they sparkle... which is an odd way to think about bones and meat.

On a writing note I have another Faith short completed that's in the cool down period. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it's not crack. Or at least I don't think this one is. Still not entirely sure where that Last Unicorn one came from either. Sorry? *shrugs*

Tonight I am editing another short before it gets sent off to the beta. Wish me a grammatically correct muse!
Alas no since my interest in Supernatural waned before I could complete them. I am working on a cross between Last Unicorn and the Mercy Thompson series which won't be crack.