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toots mah horn (beep-beep, motherf*ckers)

I'm a bargain hunter. Some might call me cheap, but I prefer frugal.

I dislike spending full price on pretty much anything even if I have a gift card. Today I went to Kohl's because I had a spend $30 and get $10 off coupon from Discover. There was also a storewide 20% off clearance and I had an additional 15% of coupon along with it being Tax Free days here in Florida.

I spent $27 and my receipt said I saved $215. Boom!

Don't judge my happy.

I feel like one of those super coupon people (though I tend to think of them as organized hoarders).
Thanks! Saving money is a huge part of the fun for me and double stacking savings is such a blast! RetailMeNot is my mecca. I swear. :)