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family fun time

Well I accomplished very little writing wise the last two days. The family packed up and went to a water park yesterday. We got there at 10AM when it opened and stayed until after 4. I was a smidgen wiped by the time I got home around 8 last night and the previous night I was attempting to get my laundry and other household chores done. I had fun w/the family at the park though and my teenage niece is a little chickenshit. It was adorable listening to her scream on the tube rides I dragged her on. Ha!

Which means today my punkass shall write something I'm feeling Marvel today so I shan't fight the impulse. And then edit chapter 2 so I can send it to polgara_5 for her beta magic. I swear I'm looking for these mistakes. Honest.

Also I watched a video on YouTube earlier and it had this line:
"We are stars. Born of fire, of wind. Born in the chaos."
I found it inspirational so I thought I'd share.
Yay for chapter 2! I've almost got chapter 1 ready to send back! :)
My goal is to get 2 edited tonight and send off to you... 10/1 is sneaking up on me. ;)