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new year, new resolutions

I’ve got four this year and they are relatively simple (and I’ve made some progress already).

1 – Pay my mom back… until I see something else I *must have* and borrow money again. The perils of being a home owner.

2 – Save more. I know I can do this. I always start out great and then let it fall behind as the year progresses. This year $100 in savings each month. No excuses!

3 – Write more. I know, I know I say this one each year, but hopefully this one is the year I mean it.

4 – Get my home in order. I’ve got things in boxes still. I moved in almost four years ago. Time to get off my ass and start finishing the projects I start. The image below is my first step towards getting my home organized.

IMG_1275 (1)
My craft and wrapping supplies are now easy to find and my god I do not need anymore bows. One of the totes is filled with bows. *shakes head* Regardless I feel accomplished and ready to tackle the next closet. I'm thinking my goal for January will be getting the closets in order.

Organizing my life home one small step at a time.