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i sold my soul to a three piece

First two official days of being on the credit union's payroll and I somehow managed to obtain an hour and a half of overtime. Monday I worked a little over nine hours and today was 8 and a half. I'm hoping to work just eight tomorrow. Wish me luck?

On the organizing front I’m torn between cubbies and an actual little dresser for my closet. I’ve got a 33” wall to work with which isn’t much, but I think the cubbies would offer more storage solutions with some floating shelves above it. *taps chin* How hard is it to install floating shelves… I might need a stud finder for that one.

Maybe I can borrow one and not tell my guy friends why I’m borrowing it. They tend to think they need to come over and “help” which I appreciate when I ask for it, but sometimes I want to just do things on my own and if I screw up so be it. :D

Tonight I have written... this entry. That sorta counts... right?
I'm certain I need one, but since I've not needed one(yet) it makes me less inclined to purchase it. :/I've got plenty of projects coming up in the near future so I'll likely start looking onto one.

Most of my friends aren't too terrible when it comes to that, but my most handy buddy tends to take things over... but I need his help with something. *grumbles* Maybe I can talk my uncle into helping me instead. He's a licensed contractor.