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the martyrs, the saints, the saviors.. they all end up the same way

Friday night was the night to decompress. I saw “The Witch” and went to Friday’s afterwards for some much needed beer and appetizers. Their boneless wings in the cider glaze reminded me of McDonald’s chicken nuggets dipped in honey—which is a fond memory from my childhood. :)

The movie was... different? It had fantastic scenery and fabulous acting, but the plot/ending left something to be desired. It was definitely more suspense than horror and it left a lot to the imagination which was interesting and a nice change of pace for that genre.

I will say it was disturbing. That’s the best descriptive word I can give for it. *nods* Distrubing.

I did manage to finish my picfor1000 short earlier today, but it’s at 1022 words so I have some editing to do to get it down to a 1000. I might save that until tomorrow so I can start watching Fuller House tonight.

Don’t judge my love for mindless fluff. We all need it from time to time. ;)
My husband and I watched Fuller House too. Sometimes that sort of show is just what the brain needs. (btw, thought it was adorable. Watched 2/3 last night and the rest this morning).
I've got two more episodes to go, but it's been ridiculously cheesy and adorable. I don't recall as many choreographed dance numbers in the original, but it has been a very long time since I watched it.
Yeah, they're really playing up the dancing. Like stuffing 8 seasons of stuff into 13 episodes ;) And yep, ridiculously cheesy and adorable. My sister in law was fairly negative in that she noticed episodes were repeat storylines from the original show.
It's been so long since I've watched the original episodes that I didn't notice the repeat storylines—aside from the premise being entirely the same that is. ;)
Yeah, that was me too. She was nitpicky. I was like - have you watched any YA shows like this (we also watch Girl Meets World) - this is what they do!