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Drabble:Mongrels and Bitches

Title: Mongrels and Bitches
Progress: 14/100
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #49 First Times
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I am making no profit from the use of them. 

Mongrels and Bitches
“They’re charging the others again, sir.”
Major Cain glanced up from his Palm Pilot, lips curling into a sneer at the sight of the trainer and the sweat that beaded along his upper lip. A hand rose belatedly to tug the cap from his head and straighten his haphazard hair. With a heavy sigh Cain slipped the wand back into its holder and the Pilot into his pocket. “What?”
The trainer swallowed, shifting from heel to toe before he clarified. “The pair, after the show they put on today I thought reintroduction was—”
Cain’s voice lashed out, interrupting him. “By the pair you mean the Cerberus?” Off his subordinate’s nod he frowned. “They were segregated for a reason you imbecile! They are worth far more than those other mongrels!”
The trainer frowned unsure why the bitches were suddenly important after being given their six-month check up. His girls, the best of his bunch had gone with the doctors well trained and come back with new names and aggressive attitudes—now attacking anyone or anything. He swallowed and tried to explain, “But sir, they showed obedience and were—”
“To whom?”
The trainer’s question came out breathless and Cain rolled his eyes with the man’s inadequacies. “To whom did the Cerberus show obedience?”
“Oh.” He cleared his throat and lifted a hand to scratch at the back of his head. “I don’t really know…um,” He watched Cain’s eyes begin to narrow and offered helplessly, “One of security called her a rabbit.”
“Rabbit?” His mouth pulled upwards, “Are you sure?”
He nodded, “Positive.”
Pale blue eyes dipped to read the agitated man’s stenciled name and Cain stepped forward, offered him a wide smile. “Michael is it?” The trainer nodded, “Michael, tell me more of Rabbit’s first introduction to our pair.”
The End.
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Yes it is. The poor trainer first gets his dogs messed with and now Cain is interested in him. Poor bastard. ;-)