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Fic: Welcome to the Phantom Zone

Title: Welcome to the Phantom Zone

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.


Synopsis: Some alternate dimensions suck beyond the telling of it. This is a sequel to Abaddon, the Abyss.

Welcome to the Phantom Zone
The wind rose up shook the fabric keeping back the sand and the wind that brought it up from the ground to eat away at everything. Buffy’s brows slanted as she began to regain consciousness. Firm hands wrapped around her biceps and pulled her into a seated position before slamming her back against rock. Her jacket had been removed and the silk of her top was poor protection against the rough surface. Hazel eyes opened, narrowed on the pretty face currently scowling at her as the woman shouted in a language that Buffy had no hope of understanding.
The movement of her upper body forced Buffy to remember her busted ribs as they began to throb and she hissed through clenched teeth before pushing herself forward. Lifting her arms she slid them between the other woman’s and separated them. Breaking the her hold as she landed on top of the robed form and a fist connected solidly with Buffy’s bruised jaw—she retaliated in kind.
The Slayer straddled bucking hips and forced the other woman back into the sand covered ground. Knowing it was useless but unable to help herself she asked, “Where am I?”
Pale green eyes narrowed as they gazed up at her, the struggling beneath her slowed before ceasing and Buffy’s guard drew up higher with the easy win. “You are from Earth.”
“Nice catch brain trust…” She trailed off, eyes widening as what the woman said registered and she asked again, her voice colored by the spark of fear in the back of her mind. “Where am I?”

“The Phantom Zone.”
“And what exactly is the Phantom Zone?”
Her considering gaze never left Buffy’s face. “A prison for convicts of the 28 known galaxies.” She shifted beneath her, “May I rise?”

Thoughts still jumbled Buffy hesitantly braced her knee and lifted herself up. With trepid movements she rose and stepped aside as the other woman sat forward and stared at her as she adjusted her robes. “I am Raya.”
Her brows slanted forward at the suddenly offered name and she shrugged, wincing as the simple motion abused her ribs. “Buffy.”
Raya nodded as she stood, “Allow me to treat your wounds.”
She gave Buffy a wide berth as she moved to the other side of the tent and began to rummage through the contents laid across a shelf of rock protruding from one of the two solid walls helping to shape this asylum from the elements. Buffy watched her warily and raised a brow when Raya turned around with a small bowl and a scrap of cloth.
“Remove your top.”
The other brow rose to meet its sister, “Excuse me?”

Raya’s lips quirked, “You are favoring your right side. I assumed you had injuries and for me to treat them I would need for you to remove your top.”
Buffy gingerly crossed her arms, left hand cupping her wounded side. “How very astute of you and why am I suppose to trust you again?”
“You shouldn’t trust anyone in the Phantom Zone.”

“Even you?”

She smiled, a quick flash of white teeth. “Especially me.”
Buffy took a few steps forward, toward the help Raya offered. “Thank you for that calm inducing thought.”
“You’re welcome.”
“I was being sarcastic.”
Raya’s lips dipped, “I studied your language under Jor-El but it has been a very long time since I’ve used it.”
She sighed and nodded, “So English is your second language?”
“In a way.”
Buffy cocked her head, “So what’s your first?”
Her brows rose, “O-kay.” She sat and lifted her shirt up to just beneath her breasts and held out her hand, “I’ll do it.”
Raya nodded, lowering the bowl to the sand and soaked the cloth before handing it to Buffy. She pressed it to the discolored skin covering her ribs and shuddered, “It’s cold.”
“I know.”
Her skin began to tingle and Buffy frowned at Raya trying to understand where and what she was with. “So I’m gonna take a lot on faith and assume you’re not from Earth.”
The other woman glanced up, “That would be correct.”

“So where are you from?”
Her watch battery had given out after two years and she had lost track of the days and months that followed as they seemed to merge together with such ease. Raya turned, motioned for them to pass between an outcropping of the black granite that arched upward beside them.
The wind dipped down and Buffy lifted a hand to pull the hood of her robe tighter as she secured the rough material that protected her lower face. The howl of the phantoms drew her attention away from the path and her eyes narrowed as she stared off into the distance. Raya made her way back to her and Buffy lowered the cloth covering her face to explain their sudden stop, “Phantoms.”
Familiar green eyes narrowed and she slipped past Buffy to retrace their steps and climb over another outcropping. The crest gave them the perfect vantage point to see into the valley below and Buffy stiffened as she watched a tall figure struggle against a pack of the creatures that scavenged the wasteland she now called home.
Raya’s hand was already bringing forth the crystal that had saved Buffy’s life as she leapt down into the valley. Her arms spread to help steady her landing and the Slayer shrugged before following her down. Raya lifted her hand and the crystal’s light engulfed the phantoms, chased them away from the man who was pulling himself up and Buffy’s eyes widened as she noticed his apparel. She dart forward only a step behind her friend.
Raya’s foot struck his face in much the same way it had struck Buffy’s and the man’s blue eyes shuttered before falling closed and he collapsed back into the sand. “Welcome to the Phantom Zone.”
“Raya,” Her companion turned and she shot her a glare, “We really need to work on your people skills.”
The End.
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I'm really enjoying this series. As you know, I don't watch Smallville but thank god for wikipedia. Anyway, looking forward to more!!!
Wikipedia is a Godsend!

Hee! You can keep me captivated with NCIS and I'll attempt to do the same with Smallville for you.