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Fic: Like Lambs

Title: Like Lambs

Word Count: 200

Progress: 15/100

Prompt: #59 Fight

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

Like Lambs
She ducked and twisted narrowly avoiding stepping on Danilova where she lay unconscious in the center of the yard as she danced away from the series of punches and well placed kicks executed by Rain. The hairs on the back of her neck rose and she blindly swung behind her with an elbow, smiling when it struck the edge of JD’s jaw. He swore stumbling back to fall over Danilova and Rain took advantage of the distraction to land a hard left to her ribs followed with a right hook and pulled her attention back to Rain.
She stepped sideways through the grass and toward a pale-faced Kaplan as he clutched his stomach, breaths coming in wheezing pants. She snuffed out the spark of sympathy and stepped into Rain, who flashed a grin, thick braid swinging behind her like a whip as she spun and brought a sidekick toward her head.
A forearm blocked the blow and she twisted locking her arm around the leg before she shifted, putting boot heel to exposed knee. Rain collapsed and she released the grip on her calf, watched the final opponent fall and turned to see One’s astonished face.
A brow lifted, “Next?”
The End.
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That is so my girl. Especially that she gets hit and keeps on going and ends with the lifted brow and the 'Next?'. *bg*
*beams* I was worried some would think Rain couldn't land any hits but I'm a firm believer that Buffy's stronger but not that much faster than a human. Plus a Slayer seems to be able to take a lot more damage than most so the 'next' seemed fitting and very Buffy.