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Drabble: Two Knights

Title: Two Knights

Word Count: 200

Fandom: Stargate

FFA: Drusilla/Teal’c

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

Two Knights
“You have a snake inside your tummy.” The softly cooed words stiffened Teal’c’s spine and he turned away from the mumblings of O’Neill to see an elegant woman standing beside him. A pale hand hovering just above his arm and his brows drew low with her close proximity.
“It whispers all sorts dreadful things. Can you hear it?” Wide eyes lifted from their study of his midsection to meet his gaze and Teal’c felt his symbiote shifted within him.
He inclined his head, masked his surprise and unease with a false smile. “I do not understand. There is no snake within my abdomen. Therefore there is nothing for me to hear.”
Her eyes narrowed, voice dropping as she hissed. “Pretty lies.”
“Is there a problem, ma’am?”
Her gaze shifted to O’Neill and for a moment the Colonel stiffened before he shook his head. A crooked smile lifted her pouting mouth. “Two knights. One princess.” Her gaze dropped back to Teal’c abdomen. “And a God. The night appears filled with promises and secrets.”
Teal’c turned to O’Neill who was staring at the woman with narrowed eyes as she began to sway back and forth. A brow rose with his curiosity, “Indeed.”
The End.
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:D I love Drusilla. And how freaky would it be for some strange woman come up and talk about snakes in your belly. Especially for Teal'c.
Dru I think get's forgotten in the same brush stroke as Oz...or perhaps those character's mannerisms are just that difficult to capture. *shrugs* I'm thinking of adding more to this once my muse calms down enough to actually write something longer than a drabble.