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Fic: Swallowed Urges

Title: Swallowed Urges

Progress: 18/100

Word Count: 315

Prompt: #78 Travel

Disclaimer: I do not won these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.


Swallowed Urges
Instead of taking them directly back to the compound, the SUV slipped further into the city. Past manicured lawns and the Raccoon City Zoo until storefronts replaced the iron bars and she watched the swiveled heads as they passed. Brows rising before she remembered that the windows were tinted limo-black and in the front seats resided two rather impressively sized men in sleek suits with dark sunglasses and earpieces. Their apparel and lack of facial expressions seemed to scream, ‘here to guard a body’ and if people could see them she supposed the SUV was worth a second glance.
The vehicle came to a rolling stop at a red light and the hand closest to the door flexed, green eyes darting to the left to see Cain still engrossed in the file Ashford had given him. Head bowed, focus intent on his lap and she shifted, glanced toward the front. To the two men sitting casual and her fingers traced the door’s release, dipping into the groove to wrap around the handle.
She could run, push the door open with her shoulder and slip out before Cain would react, could react. Tweedlestud and Tweedledud would be simple enough to get past. She’d be down the street and deep within the crowd of pedestrians before Cain could contact Arklay.
But was she a prisoner?
And more importantly: where would she go?

Her hand flexed around the handle before she sighed, shoulders dropping and her fingers slipped away from the thought of freedom. The SUV eased forward with the flow of traffic before pulling off and into a small parking lot. Her head cocked as she looked up at the storefront and the words etched on the glass, ‘MoXie Hair.’
“I thought you’d enjoy a trim before we headed back.”
She turned, swallowed the urge to tell Cain to go to hell and said simply, “Thank you.”
The End.
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Poor Buffy. *hugs her*

So, by staying did she pass or fail his test, I wonder?

There's a definite bleakness to this. And yes, it is quite sad Cain is needed by your plot. I look forward to the day (I know it's *way* down the line) that she - I hope it's she - gets to dispatch him.
It was more an internal battle than a test from Cain. In all honesty he’s beginning to think she's under Umbrella's control.

The bleakness is going to get worse but I do plan to throw in some lighter chapters/drabbles to help even it out. I don’t want to drown people in the angst. And Buffy kill a human? *innocent smile* I am leading up to that, aren’t I?
Really liked this series. Even without her memories there's still a buffy-ness to her. Keep up the good work.
Thank you! I'm trying to giver her some Buffy tendencies but also make the amnesia believable too. It's a lot harder than I thought it'd be.