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Drabble: Nothing Personal

Title: Nothing Personal

Word Count: 200

Fandom: Alias

FFA: Faith/Julian Sark

Disclaimer: I do no own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.


Nothing Personal
He tilted her chin, drew a thumb across her still flushed cheek as wide brown eyes stared up at Julian, through him. Thin fingers slid from her cheek to the caress her jaw and skim her shoulder before lightly tracing the tribal design inked onto her skin. Pale eyes narrowed on the marking, lips dipping as if the tattoo was an imperfection he had found on a masterpiece.
His head inclined, brows pulling together as he shifted, the mattress coils giving a groan in protest as he removed a handkerchief from the pocket of his jacket and turned back to his newest conquest. His lips pulled upward, a halfhearted smile as he whispered, “Nothing personal,” and wiped at the bit of blood that leaked from the neat hole above the bridge of her nose.
He rose, covered her nude body and the one of her lover with white linen before he made his way back to the door, past the knife buried to the hilt in the wall beside were his head had been and his lips spread wide with how close she had come. How exhilarating, how beautiful she had been.
It truly was nothing personal, just good business.
The End.
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Poor Faith... At least she went out fighting.

And yes, you are still evil, but you know I love ya for it. ;)
*smoooooch* Yeah, I kill of more characters nowadays. But there's usually a good reason or perhaps I just need to vent.
Not what I was expecting but still very good. I loved the shock factor because even though you say her eyes are staring through him, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's dead. People are described as staring through others quite often. For all the reader knows, she could just be distancing herself after sex.

Well, that is until Sark pulls out the handkerchief and you realize that he shot her in the head. His pleasure at how close Faith came to killing him with the knife is such a great detail as well. That last line is such a perfectly Sark ending. And I'm now curious about who hired Sark or if he was just trying to protect himself for some reason.