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Fic: Speculation

Title: Speculation

Progress: 20/100

Word Count: 450

Prompt: #37 Birthday

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.




The days had slid into weeks and her routine expanded from training in the mornings with Rain and the rest of the team to include afternoons with Ashford and his uncanny ability to focus her mounting energy into different areas of study that she actually found interesting. Forcing her to use more than just her body and with the addition of mental stimulation and the attention of someone that didn’t make her skin crawl whenever she was in close proximity, she found herself slipping more comfortably into her daily routine.


She pulled herself free from her bed and the mound of covers she piled on to keep at bay the chill that eased its way through the closed windows every night. Her bare feet struck the carpeted floors, toes curling against the oddly comforting material and she rose. The last of the flannel sheets falling away from her nude form and her gaze locked on the dresser and the few frames scattered across the top as she made her way forward.


She stared at the shining smiles in those photographs, frowned down at the unfamiliar faces. The few pictures with her actually in them were stark and posed. Her shoulders lifted with a sigh as she tugged open the top drawer and still found herself disquieted by the fact that everything in her wardrobe fit. There was nothing too tight or too loose such as a worn tee shirt kept around as a memento. The lack of clutter in her apartment just felt wrong, as if she were missing things.


Her hand shifted through the lace and silk in the drawer and her brows pulled together, lips puckering with how delicate her undergarments were. It seemed odd that her job and responsibilities were so physical and yet she lacked a bra that gave support without attempting to push up her meager chest. With a mental shrug she pulled out a pink and blue geometric design pushup with a solid blue pair of panties that matched.


Undergarments hanging from her fingers she turned to her closet and began the arduous task of readying herself for alone time with Cain to pick out a gift. Angela’s twelfth birthday was that coming weekend and she had been invited to the party and promised an interesting time by Dr. Isaacs. She was still uncertain if Isaacs’ version of a goodtime and hers would mesh but since she had been spending so much time with Ashford, he and Angela had requested her attendance.


Her instant connection with Angela and the bond that had followed seemed to transcend age. It was interesting and disturbing, as so many things in her current life were want to be.



The End.

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Nice lingerie is always good but considering that she's a 'soldier'-type in this life and has no idea who bought said undies I can see how it would be disturbing.

Bonds that transcend age/race/gender are also good things... except for the part where they can be used against you. Or, in her case, give her something to fight for when the guys in charge try to screw you over.
Nice lingerie is good but the thought of Cain or one of his cronies buying it for her...not so much. The bond between Buffy and Angela will be explored further but not before cages are rattled and Buffy begins to wonder just what the hell is going on.

BTW: Do you think you'll make it to the chat this Friday?
Pretty sure the girl is already wondering - poor thing.

I managed to change my schedule from afternoon/evening to morning/afternoon so I can run some errands and such so oddly should actually be around (assuming I don't fall asleep. *G*) Perhaps a nap?

Hope to see you tonight then.

PS - Congrats on 'winning' the bar fight, the boy toy and the hottie, even if you didn't get her number.
yup, I can see why the lingerie would seem a bit disturbing. And eww, someone else, who's not a boyfriend/girlfriend etc, buying you underwear.... kinda creepy. *shudders*

And I'm really looking forward to how you develop her relationship with Angela... and Joshua ;)
Good to know I'm not the only one disturbed by the thought of someone else buying Buffy or any girl undies when they’re not their significant other.

Angela and Alice I think were the most interesting characters of the second film and I'm a little sad that Alice won't have as big a role as Angela. *pouts*

Joshua is in the next part and that will be posted on Friday in honor of our chat and because I've gotten ahead of myself in the prompts and can do it without breaking the flow.