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Fic:Fleeting Moments

Title: Fleeting Moments

Progress: 22/100

Word Count: 500

Prompt: #12 Sunlight

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and no profit is being made from the use of them.

Fleeting Moments
The stepstool rocked forward and she braced her hand against the wall to steady her balance before unhooking the bottle of glass cleaner from the handle and spraying the top panels of the casement window. While the design was simplistic and pretty, the amount of time it took to clean each individual pane was rather tedious, but with tireless precision she sprayed and wiped leaving a streak free shine. She stepped down and repeated the process on the next set until all four were clean and she moved the stool to the next window.
She compressed the nozzle, gaze drifting past the cleaner running down the glass toward the asphalt track just behind the small section of yard in front of her apartment. Beyond the imprint of man and past a chain link fenced topped with barbwire, trees rose up. They filled every available space and cast reaching shadows across the compound as the days grew shorter and the nights longer. For the last few weeks she had been watching winter begin to fill the woods until it spilled over onto the lawn.
The leaves of fall in their varying shades of yellow and crimson began to float downward, settle on the ground. Splashes of color against the still green grass and the sun would catch the piles. Fill them with sparks of gold and orange and in those brief, startling moments of beauty she forgot. Forgot that she had no past and even less knowledge of her future and the world was simple and perfect in those wonderful but fleeting moments.
Her arm stilled in its clockwise motion and her brow furrowed, as she looked out, past the asphalt and fence to stare into the woods. Her hand clenched around the paper towel, knuckles smearing her streak free shine as she felt an itch at the base of her spine. An urge that whispered, begged for her to slip out the front door and run through the woods. Welcome the warmth of the sunlight that brought those brilliant colors to life and free herself.
Did she need freedom?

Was she a prisoner?
She hopped backwards off the stepstool, landed gracefully and spun on her heel to make her way to the small kitchen alcove and tea. The effects of chamomile did wonders for her nerves and just holding the oversized mug brought with it a sense of peace. She hesitated at the ceramic tiles that covered the kitchen floor and frowned, tea was soothing. It calmed her agitated thoughts and she was unsure if she wanted to derail this train of thought just yet.
Her spine stiffened and she rolled her shoulders back before turning back to the living room. Made her way to the stool and settled herself on the top step, staring out at the sunlight and leaves, her lips dipping. She was tired of being soothed, tired of being placated. She had to look beyond the surface and figure out what the hell was going on.
The End.
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As usual, you are keeping me hooked by feeding my RE addiction. When is the third movie coming out?
Thanks! The third movie comes out Sept. 21 and I shall be there with bells on but unfortunately other than using the film to get a better hold on Isaacs it won't have any impact on the story.
I love the changing of the leaves, even if I don't necessarily love what they represent, so I absolutely love your visual and that it gives her moments out of herself.

That this somehow leads her to think about herself, who and what she is, does, will do or should do... It's very Buffy really. Put things off for a bit, until she a) can't put it off any longer and b) is ready to deal with whatever it is she might come across/realize. Then she starts to think... very dangerous that. ;p
When Buffy starts to think and plan bad things do tend to happen but the pace of this story is about to pick up as we move closer toward the movies' timeline.

I've always loved fall especially the tail end when everything has changed color and the leaves are falling. I personally think that time of year is mentally peaceful and then we get shoved into the holidays. *pouts* I'd like Christmas better if it wasn't so commercial.
That's my girl! Realizing she's got to find out what going on cause things aren't adding up. :D

And ugh, how I hate doing windows. I'd be distracted by the pretty leaves out side as well.

PS - *swoons over the hotness that is Jack*
*pets the pretty* What? What where you saying? Got distracted by the hotness.

I don't mind windows, now dusting on the other hand I absolutely hate. Probably because I'm allergic and have to do it at least twice a week or I can't breathe. As for her actually doing the windows, I wanted something domestic that let the readers know she had finally settled into her life and yet she doesn't even know the life she's settled into.